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Quila House is a private residential house on the banks of the Ganga river in the old town of Patna, in the state of Bihar, in northern India.

Quila House has been home to five generations of the Jalan family since the site was bought by Dewan Bahadur Radha Krishna Jalan in 1919.

The house is known for the collection of objets díart and antiques that is a personal achievement of Radha Krishna Jalanís. It is sometimes referred to as the Jalan Museum, but this is a misleading term, as the house is not a public building. Nevertheless the Jalan family are happy to welcome visitors by appointment or by invitation.

12 December 2011 - Update
Jalan Collection Under Wraps

Quila House has unfortunately suffered damage due to unauthorised building work being conducted on the first floor, directly above the rooms housing the collection. The additional pressure on the structure has caused cracks to appear in several walls, and extensive water seepage from the ceiling. Quila House remains accessible, however many objects in the collection have had to be moved into storage, or put under plastic wrapping for protection, and therefore the family have to advise visitors that their experience may be less fully enjoyable than in the past.

In the absence of any support from local administration, the family have undertaken legal proceedings to have the work stopped, and hopefully reversed.

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This web site was designed as part of the programme to mark the 125th anniversary of Dewan Bahadur Radha Krishna Jalanís birth.

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